Chapter 8 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 8

Now comes the business of naming the Queen of Love and of Beauty. The Prior is shocked by the Prince's suggestion of the Jewess Rebecca, and offers instead the beautiful Saxon Rowena. Willing to name Rebecca just to slight the Saxons, the Prince's attendants, especially Waldemar Fitzurse, are quick to criticize him. De Bracy suggests that the first conqueror name the Queen, and the Prince reluctantly agrees. The rules for the tournament are then laid out, with any newcomer able to challenge any of the five knights, with the victor of the day winning a horse and the right to name the Queen. Also, on the second day there will be a more general contest, between two bands of knights.

The contests begin, and the challengers to Bois-Guilbert, Malvoisin, and Front-de-Boeuf all fall from their horses. Grantmesnil's challenger swerves before their lances even meet! There are more contests, and more wins for the five knights. The five knights are not generally well-liked, and the crowd is uncertain how to cheer. Cedric most of all feels dishonored by these Norman knights. Unfortunately, Athelstane has no interest in the fight.

All seems over for the day, when one last challenger appears. Riding a black horse, with the Spanish word for "Disinherited" on his shield, the unknown knight rides in and chooses to fight Bois-Guilbert, one of the toughest competitors. Calling himself the Disinherited Knight, at the first encounter he and Bois-Guilbert tie. But in the second, both are hit; only the Templar falls. The Disinherited Knight goes on to best the other four knights, thus winning the day.

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