Chapter 6 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 6

Before bed, Lady Rowena sends for the Palmer, looking for knowledge of the Holy Land, and specifically of Ivanhoe. All the Palmer knows is that the knight has averted his enemies, and is on his way home to England. The Lady pays him with gold and sends him on his way. The Palmer's quarters are between the Jew's and Gurth's. The Palmer is thankful to have a wall between him and the Jew, despite the kind action he paid the outcast at dinner. In the morning, the Palmer goes next door to warn the Jew to leave Rotherwood immediately. The Templar, he explains to Isaac, wants to do him harm. The Palmer then offers to guide him, and asks Gurth to let them out. Gurth objects, but quickly agrees after the Palmer whispers something in his ear.

During the ride the Jew is still fearful, the mistreatment of his people fresh in his mind. The Palmer agrees to take the Jew as far as Sheffield, where Isaac has a relative. Isaac thanks his guide, but proclaims himself too poor to offer much. The Palmer insists he wants nothing in return, but Isaac offers him a good horse and harness. Even though the horse and harness could be lost in the tournament, money-conscious Isaac still insists.

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