Chapter 43 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 43

Back at Templestowe, crowds gather to watch a fight, an execution or, hopefully, both. The stake is ready for Rebecca, should no champion appear. A Minstrel bearing the name "Sherwood" on his badge overhears talk of Athelstane's resurrection. A priest tries repeat the story to him, but another priest keeps objecting. It is Friar Tuck and Locksley in disguise! Tuck insists that he saw Athelstane alive. They are interrupted by the beginning of the ceremony.

Bois-Guilbert rides in behind the Grand Master. Bois-Guilbert's face is pale and somewhat crazed. Mont-Fitchet and Albert Malvoisin are there too. A group follows, and at the end is Rebecca. She is stripped of all jewelry and wears a plain dress. But her beauty and courageous face make everyone mourn for her. Yet no challenger has appeared to fight Bois-Guilbert. He himself appeals to Rebecca, and begs her to ride away with him and escape. She says no, considering him her worst enemy of all.

They have waited two hours. Suddenly, a knight rides up--but he and his horse are weak. He announces himself as Ivanhoe, Rebecca accepts, and he readies for the fight. It begins, and Ivanhoe goes down, but so does Bois-Guilbert. Ivanhoe makes to fight him on the ground, but Bois-Guilbert does not get up. Unhurt by Ivanhoe but consumed by his own passion, he lies dead on the ground.

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