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Ivanhoe Chapter 42

They follow a strange rustic entrance into the tower. Before they enter the grand room, Ivanhoe covers his face. Elder Saxons fill the room, and Cedric greets the newcomers. Both Ivanhoe and Richard have their true identities concealed. He leads them to a small room where several priests pray. The priests are paid by the family, and will receive much of Athelstane's inheritance as a donation. Cedric then leads them to a small room where Athelstane's beautiful mother, named Edith, sits. Back in the grand room, Rowena leads other Saxon maidens in song. Cedric tells the two that Rowena was to have married Athelstane.

After Cedric leads them to another small room, the Knight reveals himself to Cedric. He is shocked, but cannot bow to a Norman, no matter how good. Richard says he hopes to change that. In the name of family and country unity, he asks Cedric to forgive his son Ivanhoe. The son steps forward to reveal himself, and plead forgiveness. He keeps his promise and forgives his son. Knowing Ivanhoe's desire, he tells him that Rowena must mourn for two years before marrying him. Any less would be disrespectful of their Saxon allies, and Athelstane's memory. Suddenly, a pale Athelstane appears before them!

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Athelstane found himself tied in a coffin, and the greedy priests would not release him. They fed him poorly and intended to bury him alive, but luckily he escaped! He struggled with some priests, grabbed some food, and hurried here. Horribly angered, he demands revenge. Cedric tells him to think of other things, like his future power and glory. But Athelstane is uninterested. All his recent journeys have brought him nothing but trouble, and he would be happy with Richard on the throne. As for Rowena, he knows that she loves Ivanhoe, not him. And so he gives her up, easily. But when he turns to take Ivanhoe's hand, he is gone. A Jew came looking for him, and Ivanhoe got into his armor and left with Gurth. Rowena slipped out in embarrassment, and Richard chased after Ivanhoe. So, after cheating the grave, Athelstane found them all gone. But he cheered up at the thought of supper.

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