Chapter 41 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 41

The newcomers are Ivanhoe and Gurth. Ivanhoe does not know if he should continue the secrecy, and call Richard the Black Knight. He also worries about all the outlaws around his King. But Richard quiets his worries, for the outlaws are good and know the truth. He reminds Ivanhoe that his disguise allows his forces enough time to gather, so they may quell the treason and impending civil war quickly and without bloodshed. Having quieted Ivanhoe, Richard suggests they all have something to eat and drink. He likes the colorful company of the outlaws, even if they are lawbreakers. After some time Locksley secretly has a bugle blown, to trick Richard into thinking Malvoisin's men are approaching. The trick worked to break up the party, for the men had to be on their way.

During the travel, Richard promises Locksley to get the strict forest laws lessened; unfortunately the King dies before he can do this. Prince John ascends to the throne, and has no such compassion. But with regard to the present, the group arrives at Cedric's strong and magnificent home. A black banner symbolizes the sorrow inside. The castle is busy for the funeral banquet of Athelstane. Everyone eats and drinks at a fast pace. It is an odd assortment, complete with jugglers and jesters, minstrels singing, and merchants selling. Every now and then, a note of sorrow rises from the crowd. Richard and Ivanhoe are led inside, and Wamba and Gurth stay in the castle-yard with the crowd.

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