Chapter 40 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 40

The story returns to that of the Black Knight. He makes his way to St. Botolph to see the wounded Ivanhoe, who was taken there by Gurth and Wamba. The Black Knight decides they should meet at Cedric's home for the funeral of Athelstane. The Black Knight promises to convince Cedric to take back his son. He then leaves, with Wamba as his guide.

Soon after they leave, Ivanhoe asks to leave the sickhouse, because he fears something bad is going to happen, and he must stop it. The convent's prior first protests, then gives in, even offering his own horse to Ivanhoe. He rethinks this when he sees all of Ivanhoe's gear, but Ivanhoe is already on his way, with Gurth. Back with the Black Knight and Wamba, Wamba can't sit still on his horse. He provides a good laugh, as a jester should. The two sing a few songs together. Wamba worries about Locksley's outlaws robbing them; because they balance their good deeds with bad ones. The Black Knight is surprised, and Wamba tells him that Locksley's men are nothing compared to Malvoisin's. He fears meeting the latter most. Now Wamba notices some men off the path, and suddenly arrows fly at them. They charge at their attackers, and the Black Knight does well until a Blue Knight shoots his horse. Seeking help, Wamba blows Locksley's horn, then jumps into the fray. Wamba hurts the Blue Knight's horse, but the Black Knight is still under attack from others.

Suddenly, Locksley, the hermit, and other yeoman barge in to help. Together they defeat the attackers, and the Black Knight orders the Blue Knight's helmet removed. He is Waldemar Fitzurse! The Black Knight, who is King Richard, accuses the Knight of rejecting an alliance with his daughter. They go off to talk. Richard finds out Fitzurse was following the orders of Prince John, and he has to control his anger. He orders Fitzurse to leave England, and never to speak of this treachery. Locksley does not understand, and the Knight reveals to him that he is King Richard of England. Locksley reveals that he is Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest. Richard recognizes him as the king of outlaws, but offers him only thanks, not penance. The hermit, who is Friar Tuck, also apologizes to Richard, with whom he spent an evening of entertainment not fitting for a religious man. He also hit him, when he believed him to be just a Knight. Richard forgives and offers him a job as a yeoman of his guard. But Tuck would rather stay a priest, for his holy robes shield him from the many mistakes he makes. He offers Tuck lots of food and ale, and an open invitation to visit the castle. As Tuck agrees, two others join the group.

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