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Ivanhoe Chapter 4

For the evening meal, the Prior puts on even fancier dress, as does the dark-skinned Knight Templar, Bois-Guilbert. Following them are their attendants, and the simply dressed Palmer, who sits with the servants. Cedric takes his three steps forward at their arrival, and the Prior criticizes him for being so steadfast. Cedric seats his two guests just below him.

At this time Gurth returns, and is greeted with both relief and anger by Cedric. Wamba stands up for Gurth, blaming their late arrival on Fangs. The Norman Sir Philip de Malvoisin had de-fanged Fangs, removing his fore-claws, as was the cruel custom of the rulers at that time. This infuriates the proud Cedric.

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Turning attention to the meal, Cedric has a bountiful spread. The Lady Rowena then enters, and the Templar quietly tells the Prior that he won the bet--she is beautiful. The Lady has pale skin and blue eyes, with a noble character to her face and movement. Her dress and jewelry only complement her exquisite beauty. She notices the Templar watching her, and pulls on her veil. Cedric uses the opportunity to scold the Templar. The Prior then invites the Lady and Cedric to the tournament, but Cedric doubts they would attend such a silly English game. He turns down their offer of escort, choosing instead to travel with his relation Athelstane of Coningsburgh.

The group continues to eat and drink. Lady Rowena asks for news from Palestine. Wamba interrupts Bois-Guilbert, and the angry Templar recognizes Wamba. All is interrupted by news of a new guest at the gates, whom Cedric allows inside.

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