Chapter 38 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 38

Even the Grand Master is surprised and softened by her brave defense. He gives her a chance--repent and renounce her faith for a new one, and her life will be spared. But she denies his offer, and asserts her innocence. The contest will be held then, and the Grand Master names Bois-Guilbert as the challenger. He will fight whomever Rebecca can find to oppose him. She has three days to find a champion, or she will be put to death. The only person who offers to be her messenger is the maimed man she healed, whose name is Higg. She sends him to find her father. Higg finds Isaac close by on the road, with a Rabbi. The old man faints after reading the message, and curses God. In the message, Rebecca suggests Ivanhoe as a possible champion, if he is healed. Isaac will go to find Ivanhoe, and the Rabbi tries to calm his fears by suggesting that perhaps money would persuade an injured Ivanhoe or another Gentile to fight. Isaac agrees this is a good idea, and sets off. The Rabbi leaves too, and Higg is alone. He is annoyed that the Jews gave him no money for his trouble, but reflects that for Rebecca, he would do anything.

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