Chapter 35 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 35

Isaac pushes forward to Templestowe, but falls ill on the way and has to stop at a small town. He goes to a rabbi proficient in medicine, Nathan ben Israel. He works to heal him, and the next morning is shocked to hear where his kinsman is going. This is not just because Templestowe is the home of the Templars, who despise the Jews, but that Lucas de Beaumanoir, the head of the Templars, is now at Templestowe! He has returned to find a disorganized and immoral group, and he is very angry. He is most dangerous because he cannot be bought, has no vices, and thinks a murdered Jew is a gift to God. But Isaac has no choice but to go there, in search of his daughter. Nathan understands, but advises that Isaac try to speak to Bois-Guilbert alone, away from the harsh de Beaumanoir. Isaac agrees, and sets off.

He soon reaches Templestowe, the Templars' well-fortified home. Stern, quiet brothers move about; the discipline of the order returned with its leader. De Beaumanoir, the Grand Master, has the body of the warrior he once was. He is tall and his face is stern; his clothing is simple and unadorned. He shares his disappointment with his wayward men with a fellow Templar, Conrade Mont-Fitchet. The Templars broke so many rules: they wore expensive jewels and metals, hunted, read and sang other than Scripture, learned magic from the Jews, ate rich foods, and lived too richly. And worst of all, they broke the rule of celibacy! He thinks of their forefathers, and the disgrace these actions have caused. He now feels it his duty to set things right, and remove the sinful. Mont-Fitchet suggests a more cautious and slow cleansing, but the Grand Master insists he must act swiftly and severely.

A brother comes with a message--a Jew is at the gates, wanting to speak to Bois-Guilbert. The Grand Master tells the brother to send the Jew to him. He leads in a terrified Isaac, who bows out of respect to the Grand Master. De Beaumanoir asks what he wants with Bois-Guilbert, and Isaac timidly holds out the Prior's letter. The Grand Master is shocked to see a Jew in possession of a letter from a man of the cloth. Writing of his imprisonment by a band of thieves, the letter warns Bois-Guilbert of the Grand Master's approach, and asks him to ransom the Jewess Witch. The Grand Master is shocked by the Prior's behavior, and wants to act against Rebecca. Mont-Fitchet believes the Prior did not mean she was really a witch, and that it was only a romantic flourish. But the Grand Master knows her as a student of Miriam. He asks Isaac if his daughter heals, and the father confirms her good deeds. But the Grand Master does not see them as such, and promises to deal with the young witch. He sends for the Templar's president, then throws Isaac out. The poor Jew returns to Nathan.

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