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Ivanhoe Chapter 32

In the morning, the outlaws meet in the forest. The spoils are large, but all Locksley's men follow his orders. Only the outlaw priest is missing--they fear he has perished in the castle's wine cellar. Locksley sends men to search for him. Then, he offers Cedric half the spoils, but Cedric is busy mourning for Athelstane, who is dead. Cedric waits impatiently to return home with the Lady Rowena. He does not want the wealth, only to show his gratitude. Cedric does give reward to others, though, and grants Gurth his freedom!

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Just now the Lady Rowena rides up. The death of Athelstane does not make her happy, but it does make a marriage to Ivanhoe much more probable. She offers her thanks and assistance to all Locksley's men and, as she is about to leave, sees the imprisoned De Bracy. She forgives him, but not fully or willingly. As the Saxons turn to go, Cedric gives a special thanks to the Black Knight, and tells him to come to Rotherwood, where he will be welcomed like family. The Knight thanks him, and suggests he will take up Cedric's generous offer at a later time.

In the splitting of the spoils, the Black Knight takes charge of the imprisoned De Bracy, and then frees him! Locksley gives the Knight a bugle, with the promise of help at its first call. Then comes the division of spoils, with a good amount going to the church, and widows and children, before the division among the outlaws. They then head back to the castle in search of the Friar, and find him dragging Isaac of York along on a rope! He found his cell while searching for wine, and there they waited until escape from the rubble was possible. The priest is quite drunk, and believes he has converted Isaac. When Isaac denies he offered his soul or his money, the Friar starts to hit him, but the Black Knight steps in. He easily takes the Friar's blows, then the Knight knocks the Friar down! He now rethinks the subject of conversion. So the Jew remains a prisoner, but unharmed. Another, more important prisoner sits amongst their ranks--the Prior Aymer of Jorvaulx!

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