Chapter 30 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 30

Now, in the calm, De Bracy and Bois-Guilbert conference. Front-de-Boeuf will not live much longer. They discuss the battle, and De Bracy learns that the Templar and his men lost their post. The outlaws now have a good position from which to attack. De Bracy suggests they release the prisoners, but Bois-Guilbert flatly refuses. So they head back to the castle walls, for defense.

Meanwhile, Front-de-Boeuf lies injured, and for once in his life, calls on religion. But alas, there are no priests, and the few available are horribly corrupt. Suddenly, a haggard voice speaks to him, claiming to be his evil angel. The voice charges him with spurring Prince John to disloyalty, and murder. Worst of all, Front-de-Boeuf murdered his own father! The owner of the voice steps out of the shadows--it is the old sibyl, Ulrica. They argue, and she tells him the castle will soon be stormed, and destroyed, for she has set it on fire! Her revenge complete, she then leaves, locking the door behind her. Escape is futile for the dishonored Knight. He yells for help as the flames come. He hears voices and becomes quite mad.

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