Chapter 29 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 29

In the midst of such danger, Rebecca allows her feelings for Ivanhoe to surface. She enjoys his company, and only his cold tone brings her back to reality, a reality in which she can mean little to someone such as Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe realizes he is prisoner, and asks Rebecca about the Lady Rowena and Cedric. His thoughts are not for Rebecca or her father.

Now come the sounds of clashing armor and shouting men. Ivanhoe wishes he could see the action from the window, and Rebecca offers herself as watcher. Ivanhoe begs her not to set herself in such danger, but Rebecca approaches the window. She can see the castle men preparing their defense, and the outlaws also preparing, their archers standing ready. Strangely, they seem to have no leader, nor a unifying flag or shield. One Black Knight carries a shield with a symbol, and he is perhaps the leader. But they are quite anonymous. Arrows fly from both sides in heavy streams, and both sides fight strongly. The Knight and his men storm the castle, only to be thrown back by Front-de-Boeuf. Rebecca, though terrified, continues her reports to Ivanhoe, as the Black Knight falls! But he is up again, and Front-de-Boeuf's men help their leader back inside. The outlaws win this battle, but poor Rebecca cannot help but feel upset at the thought of God's creatures acting so viciously. Ivanhoe tells her to focus on the action outside, and be his eyes. The fighting continues, and the Black Knight pushes forward, like a great warrior. Now a pause, as the outlaws gather themselves in the outerwork they have won, and prepare for the next attack.

Ivanhoe stirs at the telling of such bravery, and Rebecca tries to quiet him. She asks him what all this vain action is good for, and he answers that it is glory, that is why they fight. It is chivalry, something which no Jew, he asserts, can comprehend.

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Ivanhoe sleeps now, and poor Rebecca tries to strike thoughts of him from her mind. She feels guilty that this Christian has been her priority, and not her elderly father. Quietly, she tries to regain her composure and proper frame of mind.

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