Chapter 28 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 28

Now the narrator breaks from the story to inform us that when Ivanhoe fell at the tournament, it was Rebecca who insisted she and her father take him and care for him. Despite the taboo of Christian and Gentile mixing, Rebecca insisted that in the matter of caring for the sick, the taboo could be broken. Isaac was terribly worried something would happen to the knight, but Rebecca's knowledge of healing herbs and elixirs is excellent. Despite the danger of being noticed, Rebecca had Ivanhoe placed in her litter, and she mounted a horse. But it was from so visible a point that Bois-Guilbert spied her, sparking the genesis of these troubles.

Isaac and Rebecca took Ivanhoe to their dwelling, and Rebecca began her healing of him. Healing is well known to the Jewish people, but it did little to increase their standing. Rebecca was well-taught by the aged Miriam, and Rebecca's strong mind retained her teachings well--she was a gifted healer. Her beauty, intelligence, and talent made her well-respected in her tribe, and made her father likely to bend to her will. He wishes to keep Ivanhoe for a short time only, but Rebecca appeals to him--she could not share her secret formulas with another healer, and King Richard would likely look with favor on their aid to one of his favorites. Having loaned money to Prince John, Isaac could use such a protector when the King returned. Isaac agrees, and they keep the Knight.

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That evening Ivanhoe awoke. He was surprised and enchanted by his healer, who quickly told him she was a poor Jewess. The way he looked at Rebecca, which would have made the Lady Rowena quite jealous, fell away: "Ivanhoe was too good a Catholic to retain the same class of feelings toward a Jewess." Chapter 28, pg. 249 Rebecca could not help but feel sadness as his soft look was replaced by cold courtesy. But her temperament remained the same, and she told him of the plan of moving him to York. He objected, not wanting to cause them more trouble. Ivanhoe inquired about Cedric and Lady Rowena, and the knight realized that it was Rebecca who kindly paid Gurth. He is pained to hear that faithful Gurth is back in Cedric's custody.

When it was time to travel, they moved quickly, but a dispute between their guides and Isaac left them vulnerable, and they were abandoned upon attack. As told earlier, this is how the Saxons found them, soon after the assault took place. De Bracy noticed that it was Ivanhoe in the litter, and took him along as captive as well. His code of honor kept him from hurting or betraying Ivanhoe, and he simply snuck him inside and gave his care to Urfried, who quickly discharged him to Rebecca.

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