Chapter 25 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 25

De Bracy and Bois-Guilbert meet in the castle hall. De Bracy complains about Rowena's great weeping, and Bois-Guilbert tells of Rebecca's fiery pride and strength. Front-de-Boeuf arrives, and the three look at a letter, written in Saxon. The Templar reads that it is from Wamba and Gurth. They, and their allies, including the Black Knight, and Robert Locksley, demand the release of all the prisoners, or else they will fight. Two hundred outlaws wait beyond the castle walls, and Front-de-Boeuf becomes nervous about the safety of his castle. Unfortunately most of their men are elsewhere; but without equipment to attack and climb, the outlaws should not be able to take the castle. But the Templar insists they send to York for more men. They write a letter to the outlaws, demanding they send a priest, for the prisoners need to be confessed before they are executed this morning. When the letter reaches them, only the Black Knight can decipher it. He suggests they send the hermit, but he violently objects. He feels more capable as outlaw than priest, and his Latin and prayers are nearly forgotten. Wamba jokes that he was once to be a friar, and offers his service. They dress him in proper attire, and instruct him to inspect the size of the opposition's forces.

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