Chapter 22 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 22

The Jew, Sir Isaac, rests in a much worse cell than the two Saxons. But in many ways he is so used to abuse, that his hearty soul can withstand the horrible conditions. Front-de-Boeuf, scarred and strong, enters the cell with several black slaves. Isaac is terrified by these guests, and cannot move. Front-de-Boeuf demands of the Jew a thousand silver pounds, or gold. Isaac insists that neither he nor his kinsmen have that kind of money to offer. Front-de-Boeuf does not believe Isaac's claims of poverty, and tells his slaves to prepare the torture--stretching over a hot fire. Front-de-Boeuf tells him how little he cares for the sorrows of a Jew, how he has seen Christians suffer and done less. At the final threat of torture, Isaac gives in. He begs Front-de-Boeuf to let the Saxons go, but the villain refuses. Isaac then begs for his daughter Rebecca, but Front-de-Boeuf has already given her to Bois-Guilbert, thinking she was Isaac's lover. Isaac yells and begs for her, insisting that no woman is safe with a Templar. Front-de-Boeuf yells at this blasphemy of a sacred order, cursing the Jew. Just when the Jew is about to be stretched over the fires, three blows of a horn interrupt them, and Front-de-Boeuf is called away. Isaac is left to ponder his luck, and his likely fate.

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