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Ivanhoe Chapter 21

Now, as darkness falls, the thieves continue through the forest with their captives. The way is confusing, and they often seem lost. Bois-Guilbert tells De Bracy that he should leave them now, if he means to act the part of rescuer later. But De Bracy has changed his mind, fearful that one of the Templars might break their vow and take his prize. But Bois-Guilbert tells him not to worry--what he wants is the Jewess Rebecca!

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The group arrives at Torquilstone, Front-de-Boeuf's castle. Cedric begs his captors to let Rowena go free in their place, but they are silent. In fact, she is separated from them, just as Rebecca is separated from her father Isaac. Cedric and Athelstane are jailed in a large hall, which has a rich history for Cedric. His grandfather, and one of Athelstane's ancestors, had dined there at a great banquet. Tosti, the rebellious brother of Saxon King Harold, sent an envoy to see if the two could reconcile. Tosti had allied himself with the Norwegians, who were Harold's enemies. Harold offered to take Tosti back, and to give the Norwegians seven feet of English land. Soon Tosti and the King of Norway both fell in battle to the Saxons, but sadly this triumph was short-lived. Soon the Normans advanced, taking the Saxons' land, and oppressing them ever since.

But all silly Athelstane cares about is his empty stomach, and Cedric listens to his whining with growing frustration and impatience. Athelstane's heritage destines him for great things, but his personality moves him towards more ordinary goals, like a full stomach. While eating their small meal, they are interrupted by three blows of a horn, from outside the castle.

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