Chapter 20 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 20

After several hours the three arrive amongst a group of yeoman. Locksley leads Wamba and Gurth to see the Friar. Before departing, he orders his men to collect themselves, and to watch the group heading toward Front-de-Boeuf's.

Loud singing comes from the hermit's home. Gurth heard of the Friar before, and knew him to be a superb hunter, though the act was illegal. Inside, the Black Knight puts his helmet back on, and the hermit hides the banquet and approaches the door. Realizing it is Locksley, the hermit relaxes. But Locksley scolds him for letting in an unknown knight. The friar changes his monk's cloak for his woodsman's attire, saying:

"I will but confess the sins of my green cloak to my grey friar's frock, and all shall be well again." Chapter 20, pg. 174

Recognizing the Black Knight from the tournament, Locksley asks him for aid in rescuing Cedric the Saxon, Athelstane, and the rest of their party. The Knight agrees, but is shocked to hear that Front-de-Boeuf is implicated in the treachery.

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