Chapter 19 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 19

The group continues on its way through the woods. They do not fear the bands of outlaws who inhabit the woods, because both Saxons and outlaws share a common bond in their oppression. The group do hear several cries for help, and find an old Jewish man and a young Jewish woman, a stretcher and their belongings strewn about them on the ground. It seems that the man, Isaac, had hired bodyguards as guides through the forests but, upon hearing a rumor that a band of outlaws were near, the bodyguards fled and took the horses of both father and daughter. Isaac asks if he and his daughter could travel with them, but Athelstane remembers the Jew's behavior at the tournament, and speaks sharply to him. Cedric offers them several servants as guides, but Rebecca begs Rowena for help, as they are carrying a sick man with them. Kind-hearted Rowena agrees, and allows them to join their group.

During the commotion caused by the new additions, Gurth is able to escape, thanks to a poorly-fastened chain. There is no time to look for him, and the group continues on. At a pass, they are ambushed by a band of outlaws! All are taken prisoner, despite the efforts of Cedric, Athelstane, and even Wamba, who tries to fight. Wamba escapes, and while deciding what to do he runs into Gurth. Gurth, despite having just renounced Cedric, now suggests they hurry to free him. But they are stopped by the yeoman Locksley from the tournament. Locksley checks things out, and offers his aid. They accept, and go with him.

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