Chapter 15 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 15

Fitzurse talks to the Prince's men, trying to convince them to remain loyal. The Prince is promising them much in return for their loyalty, and Fitzurse waves all these potential goodies in front of them again. The King, upon his return, would most certainly punish all those who sided with Prince John and France. But he would be weak, and without an army. Fitzurse argues that the Prince's men could easily stand up to Richard. He shoves aside questions about the King as the rightful ruler, offering up other examples of questionable bloodlines around England and elsewhere. The Prince's followers agree to attend the upcoming planning meeting at York, though still reluctantly. The meeting's plans include setting up a time and place to crown John king!

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In the evening Fitzurse runs into de Bracy, dressed in a yeoman's garb. He plans on stealing himself a bride--the beautiful Lady Rowena! He plans to re-enact an old story of bride stealing, breaking her from her family and taking the Saxon lady for himself. He plans to grab her during the family's travels from castle to castle. He has arranged for a band of men to take her; then he will rescue her from the group, carry her to Front-de-Boeuf's castle, and marry her. Fitzurse admires the brash plan, though he fears Bois-Guilbert, who formed the idea and will be a major player, may take the Lady Rowena for himself. De Bracy does not worry, as Bois-Guilbert is a Templar, and unable to have a woman. De Bracy promises that this work will not interfere with the meeting at York, but Fitzurse can only smile sadly at the foolish knight, with such questionable priorities and little sense of honor.

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