Chapter 13 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 13

Word of Ivanhoe's return spreads fast. When the Prince hears it, he thinks immediately of his brother King Richard, because Ivanhoe was one of his men. De Bracy remarks that Front-de-Boeuf will have to return Ivanhoe's castle and land, which he had been using in the Knight's absence. The nervous Prince again seeks to solicit words of loyalty from his men.

The subject changes to Lady Rowena's reaction to the sight of her lover. The Prince suggests they should try to ease her mind, maybe marry her to a good Norman. He invites her over for the evening party. At this time, a note arrives from France, announcing the freedom of King Richard!

The Prince nearly faints--his brother is free! He and his group plan to take action the next day but, during the evening, they will celebrate. Also, the archery contests have not yet been held. Prince John especially wants to see the annoying yeoman from the day before. The yeoman's name is Locksley, and he continues to annoy the Prince during the contest, taunting him. The Prince forces Locksley to face off with another archer, but Locksley is able to pierce the archer's brilliant shot! The Prince is furious, especially when Locksley hits an unbelievably hard target. The victorious Locksley manages to get away, thanks to Prince John's preoccupation with what will happen the following day . He orders a servant to make Isaac the Jew send him two thousand crowns before the sun sets.

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