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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Topic Tracking: Magic

Magic 1: As the Dursleys seem to ignore the small magical elements occurring during the day, they are not privy to the scene outside their door. Dumbledore appears out of thin air, while McGonagall transforms herself into a person from a cat. This magic is the mere beginning of a story seeping with magic and wizardry.

Magic 2: Harry cannot explain the random events that happen to him, all magical occurrences without his knowledge: his overnight hair re-growth, his ability to appear on a roof, his shrunken jumper. When he sees the boa constrictor behind the glass, he is able to speak with it and furthermore, able to make the glass disappear that separates him from the snake. This magic is not intentional and therefore causes quite a scene at the zoo and much trouble for Harry.

Magic 3: Hagrid uses his magic to give Dudley a pig's tail. Harry wonders how Hagrid can have magical powers if he is just the gamekeeper. Although he is never supposed to use his magic - especially around Harry - Hagrid informs him that he was once a student at Hogwarts years ago.

Magic 4: The only way to access the magical Platform Nine and Three Quarters is to concentrate and run straight into the wall between platforms nine and ten without fear. Mrs. Weasley instructs Harry on how to do so and he does it magically. On the other side of the wall, Harry sees the magical train to Hogwarts and is thrilled for having accomplished one of his first magical acts on his own and intentionally.

Magic 5: Harry is exposed to the wizard candy of magical proportions. The every flavor beans are literally every flavor - from tasty apple to repugnant spinach. And the collectible cards from the chocolate frogs contain pictures of wizards that appear, smile, make faces, and disappear at random. It takes Harry a while to get used to this type of a photograph.

Magic 6: The Sorting Hat is the opening ritual of the banquet and decides upon the House for each student. It sings, speaks, and selects for each child's personality. Its magical powers of speech and selection are powerful and unquestioned by all wizards.

Magic 7: The only way to enter and exit Gryffindor Tower is through a portal in a portrait of a fat lady. The password is "pig snout" and must be spoken to the lady who must be present in order for anyone to pass through it. If she is gone from the picture, the children are locked out of the tower.

Magic 8: Ron has difficulty with his magic and cannot pronounce the necessary spell to make his feather fly in class. Hermione is flawless with her spell and warrants a congratulatory declaration from the teacher in class. Her magical skills seem to be superior to Ron's, and this frustrates him.

Magic 9: Harry's gift of the Invisibility Cloak is a piece of magical cloth that allows him to become invisible upon wearing it. He uses it to venture into the library and research information on Flamel. However, as he uses this piece of magic, he discovers another. The books in the library make noises and screams when opened, informing Filch of someone's unwelcome presence.

Magic 10: The Sorcerer's Stone is a magical object that turns everything into gold and grants everlasting life. Nicholas Flamel is the only known creator of the stone and its magic is the attraction by evil forces. Harry, Hermione, and Ron believe that Snape is after it.

Magic 11: Harry is satisfied with returning home for the summer, for he knows that he has another year of Hogwarts to look forward to. He plans to practice his magic on Dudley all summer, even though he is not allowed. Magic is to be kept strictly at Hogwarts; however, this little rule most likely will not apply to Harry's summer activities.

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