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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Topic Tracking: Hopes and Desires

Hopes and Desires 1: When Harry sees the boa constrictor trapped behind the glass at the zoo, he begins to empathize with it. He understands and genuinely knows how it feels to be held captive in a home that is not his own. He hopes for a home of his own, he hopes to be rescued and taken away from the Dursleys. These desires translate into Harry's unknown magical powers that allow the boa constrictor to escape and live his dreams of a free life.

Hopes and Desires 2: When the letters begin to pour into 4 Privet Drive, Harry is punished several ways. He is moved to a bedroom upstairs; however, he secretly desires only to read his letter and hopes to be returned to his cupboard under the stairs with his letter in hand.

Hopes and Desires 3: Hagrid reveals one of his deepest secrets and greatest desires to Harry. He has always wanted to own a pet dragon. Unfortunately dragons are illegal in Hogwarts, so he has never had one in his possession.

Hopes and Desires 4: Hermione introduces herself to Ron and Harry, along with a long list of her hopes and desires at Hogwarts. She wants to be in Gryffindor dorm, wants to meet the famous wizard Dumbledore, and is honored to meet Harry Potter. She hopes to read and learn as much magic as possible. Her life and motivation all seem to stem from a deep desire to be a skillful wizard. After all, she comes from a muggle family and must dream and work hard in order to fulfill such a desirable life of magic. Furthermore, Ron and Harry hope to be in a dorm far from Hermione and in a different one than Slytherin.

Hopes and Desires 5: Hermione, Harry, and Ron hope to discover information on Nicholas Flamel during their Christmas vacation. Hermione intends to ask her muggle parents if they know anything, while Ron and Harry plan to research his name at Hogwarts while alone. They desire the truth behind the small package and its association with this man named Nicholas Flamel.

Hopes and Desires 6: The Mirror of Erised is a magical object that reflects the hopes, dreams, and desires of the person who looks into it. When Harry looks at the mirror, he sees his family reflected back at him, and when Ron looks at it, he sees himself the captain and winner of the House Cup in Quidditch.

Hopes and Desires 7: Harry sees the Mirror of Erised inside the final chamber and concentrates on his hopes and desires. He focuses so that he doesn't allow Quirrell to see his own hopes and desires and location of the Stone. The mirror is key in discovering the whereabouts of the magical Sorcerer's Stone.

Hopes and Desires 8: Dumbledore explains that the only person who could truly find the Stone is someone who genuinely desires it truthfully. The person who hopes to find the Stone for reasons other than eternal life and gold is the person who will find it. Harry hoped to find the Stone purely to save people's lives; therefore, it appeared in his pocket. Voldemort hopes to find it for its material value, and therefore would never be able to seize it for his own.

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