Chapter 14 - Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback Notes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Chapter 14 - Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

Over the following weeks, the three friends are overly friendly towards Quirrell and attempt to get all of their peers to do the same. Hermione, however, begins to fret extensively about the final examinations, which must be passed in order to advance to a second year at Hogwarts. They meet Hagrid, again, and ask him questions about the Sorcerer's Stone and what else is guarding it, aside from Fluffy the monster-dog. Hagrid is shocked that they know about it, and agrees to tell them more information in private. Hagrid is hiding a small dragon behind his back, a pet he has wanted for years. Ron informs them that it is illegal to breed dragons.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit Hagrid in his hut to inquire more about the Stone. After Hagrid tells them that all the teachers know about guarding it - including Snape - and that nobody knows how to get past Fluffy except he and Dumbledore, he shows them the black egg of a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon. Hermione believes him to be mad to raise such a fire-breathing animal, for he lives in a wooden house. Hagrid send a note to Harry several days later that the egg is hatching. The three friends visit Hagrid in his hut and witness the birth of the dragon, which Hagrid names Norbert. However, they notice that Malfoy is standing outside the hut and knows about the illegal dragon. In due time, the dragon begins to grow, bites Ron's hand, and causes Hagrid to neglect his duties. Hagrid agrees to dispose of the dragon, only if he can send it to Charlie Weasley in Romania. Charlie agrees to take the dragon, only if they can get it to the tallest tower at midnight that Saturday, where his friends will carry it away. They agree to do so in order to rid themselves of the stress of Norbert and Malfoy.

Unfortunately, Ron's bitten hand is swollen and infected, and he must be taken to the hospital. When Hermione and Harry visit him, they worry that Malfoy knows about the Saturday escape, for he has the book with the note from Charlie. They realize they have no time and must take care of the dragon immediately, and inform Hagrid, who is saddened and tearful at the loss of his baby dragon friend. As they make their way to the top of the spiral staircase with Norbert boxed in - all invisible - they run into McGonagall pulling Malfoy away and giving him detention for being out after hours. When he claims that Harry Potter is coming with an illegal dragon, she accuses him of lies. Thrilled at such retribution, they continue to the top of the tower where Charlie's friends take away Norbert. When they make their way back down the spiral staircase to return to Gryffindor, they are stopped by Filch. They have carelessly left the Invisibility Cloak on top of the tower.

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