Chapter 13 - Nicholas Flamel Notes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Chapter 13 - Nicholas Flamel

Harry preoccupies himself with schoolwork and constant Quidditch practice, fueled by an insistent Wood. Snape will referee the upcoming game against Hufflepuff, causing a frenzy amongst the young wizards. Hermione and Ron urge him not to play; however, he is the only Seeker on the team and must play for the team to win. Hermione is slightly frustrated that Harry and Ron did little work to find information on Flamel while she was at home. Yet, one day while Ron and Hermione are playing wizard's chess (the one magical thing at which Hermione is not skilled), Neville comes racing to find them with his legs stuck together from the Leg-Locker Curse placed by Malfoy. Hermione fixes his legs while Harry tells him that he is far superior to Malfoy and deserves to be a part of Gryffindor, no matter what Malfoy says. Harry gives him the remaining Chocolate Frog as a gift. However, as Harry opens the wrapper, he looks on the back of the card. It is Dumbledore's and mentions the name, Nicholas Flamel as a partner. Hermione runs to gather one of her books and reads aloud the passage about Flamel. He is the only known maker of the Sorcerer's Stone, a fact which beguiles Hermione and means nothing to Ron and Harry. They realize that Flamel, who is six hundred and forty-five years old, is not in the recent wizard's book because he is so old, and must have asked his friend, Dumbledore, to take it from Gringotts and guard it for him. Snape must be after it, for its magical powers turn everything into gold and grants everlasting life.

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As the big game draws near, Harry knows that he must play Quidditch so that Gryffindor can defeat Slytherin. However, he wonders how he can do so with such a biased referee as Snape. Snape's classes, furthermore, are torture for Harry, as he constantly picks on him and treats him worse than everyone else. Harry believes that Snape has the ability to read minds.

Hermione and Ron fear Harry's impending doom on the Quidditch field. Everyone is in the stands, including Dumbledore, which places Harry's mind at ease, for he doesn't believe that Snape will try to harm him in front of the old wizard. Malfoy instigates Ron and Neville at the start of the game and jumps on Ron, wrestling him. In the course of five minutes, Harry captures the Snitch on his Nimbus Two Thousand and wins the game for Gryffindor in an unprecedented time and move, giving them enough points that places them in the lead. Ron misses the entire game during his fight with Malfoy, Snape appears angry and embittered, and Dumbledore congratulates Harry on not wasting too much time in front of the Mirror of Erised.

Harry flies on his Nimbus Two Thousand near the forest and sees Snape enter to speak with Quirrell. Snape threatens Quirrell and informs him that no students are supposed to know about the Sorcerer's Stone. He leaves Quirrell alone, stuttering, and seemingly terrified in the forest.

Harry returns to his friends celebrating in Gryffindor. Ron has given Malfoy a black eye while Neville has taken on his gang of friends. Harry informs his friends of the conversation he just overheard, thinking that Snape is trying to get Quirrell to help him get past the three-headed dog and abscond with the Stone. They believe that as long as Quirrell can stand up to Snape, the Stone is safe. Ron thinks they have only until Tuesday to do something about it.

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