Chapter 6 Notes from The Hobbit

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The Hobbit Chapter 6

When Bilbo looks around, he realizes that he has emerged on the other side of the Misty Mountains. He is now on the western side, closer to Mirkwood. He decides, with difficulty, that he should go back and rescue his companions. As he turns, he hears non-goblin voices. He creeps near the sounds and passes by Balin who cannot see him because he still has the ring on. Gandalf is in the process of telling the dwarves that they cannot proceed without Bilbo. The dwarves want to leave and they all blame Dori for dropping the hobbit. Dori blames Gandalf for rushing them. Then, Bilbo steps into the middle and pulls off his ring. Gandalf is happy and Bilbo's reputation with the dwarves increases immediately. He tells no one about the ring. Balin is amazed that the hobbit got by him. Bilbo tells them the story of what happened to him, leaving out ony the details about the ring. He asks Gandalf what happened in the cave. Gandalf tells them that he disappeared when Bilbo shrieked and followed them through the shadows. He had known of the back exit and led the dwarves there through the tunnels. They laugh and the wizard interrupts "'We must be getting on at once, now

we are a little rested, they will be after us in hundreds when night comes on.'" Chapter 6, pg. 95. He tells them that it has been a couple of days since they were captured and they came out of the mountains too far north.

Bilbo is very hungry. Gandalf tells him sarcastically that he should go to the goblins and ask them for food. As they continue, Bilbo searches the bushes for anything edible. As they move on down the slope, the vegetation gives way and they are caught in a minor avalanche. They catch themselves on trees that hold in the landslide. They get down and keep walking. The sun sets and there is no wind.

At dark, Bilbo asks if they must continue and Gandalf insists. They come to a clearing and they hear wolves howling in the distance. Gandalf shouts for them to climb trees. Bilbo cannot find a way up and must be helped by Dori again. The wolves rush to the clearing in scores. They are not normal wolves, but the considerably larger and more intelligent wargs. Wargs continue to enter the clearing, and a of couple wargs are stationed at each tree to keep an eye on the out-of-reach intruders. The clearing is some sort of warg meeting place. A lead wolf addresses the rest and Gandalf can understand their language. They are discussing raiding a nearby community. The goblins were supposed to meet them. They think that Gandalf and the dwarves are spies. Gandalf begins to fear what the wargs are going to do next. He throws out pine cones flaming in different colors. He strikes many wargs and they run away yelping.

The Lord of the Eagles hears this as he looks down from the mountains. He is a member of a giant race of eagles that is noble. He summons his brethren and they circle around the wolves' clearing. Wargs are crying out everywhere, but Gandalf cannot handle all of them. As the eagles look on, goblins appear and rush into the clearing, expecting some sort of battle. They laugh at the burning wargs and start to put out the fires. The goblins light the trees on fire and sing a hideous song about eating the dwarves in the trees. Gandalf tries to taunt them into retreating, but they are not intimidated. Just as Gandalf is about to leap down to fight to the death, the eagles descend and snatch up the travelers. The wards and goblins are enraged.

"Poor little Bilbo was very nearly left behind again! He just managed to catch hold of Dori's legs, as Dori was borne off last of all; and they went together above the tumult and the burning, Bilbo swinging in the air with his arms nearly breaking." Chapter 6, pg. 107

They continue to fly, as both Bilbo's arms and Dori's legs wear out. Bilbo hates heights and gets dizzy. They fly back to the mountains and the journey ends on the eagle's roost. All the eagles gather again and unite the travelers. The Lord of the Eagles speaks to Gandalf. Bilbo listens as the Lord promises to take the travelers part of the way on their journey, but refuses to fly near men. The eagles bring firewood and food for the group and they feast on the high cliff. Bilbo sleeps more soundly that night than ever before.

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