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Chapter 44 - Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes Notes from The House on Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street Chapter 44 - Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes

Esperanza loves to tell stories about everything she has done and everywhere she goes. She has lived on several streets; however, the one that sticks out in her memory is Mango Street, and she realizes how important it is to her. "I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much. I write it down and Mango says goodbye sometimes. She does not hold me with both arms. She sets me free. One day I will pack my bags of books and paper. One day I will say goodbye to Mango. I am too strong for her to keep me here forever. One day I will go away" Chapter 44, pg. 110. Esperanza thinks that although she will move around and become free, she will always return for those who cannot do so. Although they will not know or understand why she returns, Esperanza will come back for those who need help.

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