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Chapter 32 - Sally Notes from The House on Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street Chapter 32 - Sally

Sally is in school with Esperanza. She paints her beautiful eyes like Cleopatra and wears smoky nylons, garnering too much negative attention from both boys and girls. Everyone taunts her and she stands alone at the fence at recess without a best friend. Esperanza looks at this girl like she is a beautiful doll and one, which she strives to be like. However, Sally comes from a strict religious family that does not allow her to go out dancing or to parties. She runs home straight after school, changes her provocative attire and removes all her makeup. Esperanza wonders if Sally wants to escape and live far away from Mango Street, where there are no rules and no mocking, and just someone to love her unconditionally.

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