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Chapter 26 - Edna's Ruthie Notes from The House on Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street Chapter 26 - Edna's Ruthie

Edna owns the building on Mango Street next to the Cordero's home. She constantly throws out her tenants, due to frustration, animals, booz, or other problems. However, when Ruthie arrives, she is suddenly taken aback, for she cannot throw out her own daughter. Ruthie is a tall, slender, attractive, made-up woman who claims to have a house and husband of her own, could have been a song-and-dance girl, and loves to play with Esperanza and her friends. She loves listening to Esperanza read, but claims that she is always to tired to read herself, and comments that she thinks Esperanza has the most beautiful teeth ever created.

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