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Chapter 24 - Elenita, Card, Palm, Water Notes from The House on Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street Chapter 24 - Elenita, Card, Palm, Water

Esperanza visits the card reader, Elenita, for a forecast of her future. Elenita's apartment contains a large screen color television and lots of red furry furniture covered in plastic, on account of her infant baby. She reads Esperanza's cards, which do not make much sense at first. She claims that she feels the spirits strongly around Esperanza's presence, that there are signs of sorrow and jealousy, and also much luxury. She will attend a wedding soon. Esperanza wonders what she can do about such a prediction and Elenita gives her a list of possible solutions and amenities, all that involve bizarre spells and potions. As Esperanza prepares to leave, Elenita claims that her house is full of heart and that she will light at candle for her that she will have a new house full of heart. She blesses her.

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