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Chapter 20 - Hips Notes from The House on Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street Chapter 20 - Hips

Rachel, Lucy, and Nenny discuss their impending development of hips, while Esperanza comments on her current burgeoning body. They are thrilled at the prospect of owning such powerful body parts and terrified at the same time of not getting them. They realize that hips are a distinguishing physicality between men and women and allow for childbirth. They laugh and joke and make up verses to songs and poems and chants about women and body parts. Nenny is the only one who doesn't seem to understand their foul humor.

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"They bloom like roses, I continue because it's obvious I'm the only one who can speak with any authority; I have science on my side. The bones just open. Just like that. One day you might decide to have kids, and then where are you going to put them? Got to have room. Bones got to give." Chapter 20, pg. 50

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