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Chapter 18 - A Rice Sandwich Notes from The House on Mango Street

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The House on Mango Street Chapter 18 - A Rice Sandwich

Esperanza desperately wants to eat in the canteen, the lunchroom at school, with the other boys and girls who do not go home for lunch break. She begs her mama for three straight days to make her a bag lunch and give her a note to give the nuns that allows her to eat with the others. If she does this, then she will be gone more and think her mother will appreciate her more upon return at the end of the day. When Esperanza goes to school the next day, she presents the note to the nuns who beckon her upstairs to point out her house. She lives close enough to go home for lunch. Nonetheless, Esperanza begins to cry and is allowed to eat in the canteen just this one day. By the time she eats, her rice sandwich (made because the family had no meat) is all cold and greasy, and the canteen is not as exciting as she had imagined in the first place.

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