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Huckleberry Finn Topic Tracking: Humanity

Humanity 1: This is the first example of Huck feeling guilty for something he has done. It shows that he has a conscience and feels bad for another human being.

Humanity 2: Huck shows his concern for humanity here as well, even though the people he is trying to help are low down robbers. He still feels it is the right thing to do to try and save them.

Humanity 3: Huck still tries to help the robbers, and he knows that the widow would be proud of him for it; this makes him feel good, like he is doing the right thing for people, even though they are "rapscallions."

Humanity 4: Huck goes so far as to lie for these robbers, but he knows that he is helping them, and that is what counts.

Humanity 5: Huck lies to Jim and he believes it. When Jim finds out the truth, he is upset. Huck feels guilty for being mean to Jim, and playing that trick on him. He says that he could have kissed Jim's foot to take back what he did.

Humanity 6: Huck starts to feel guilty that he is helping free Miss Watson's slave. He says that he thinks he is mean and he doesn't think that she deserves to have her slave stolen. After all, she never did anything to him.

Humanity 7: Huck feels that someone should take the time to write poetry about Emmeline Grangerford, recently deceased, since she always took the time to write about other people who died. He even tries to write the poetry himself, but it doesn't turn out right.

Humanity 8: To see people shooting at each other makes Huck sick to his stomach. He sees it as an act against humanity and he simply cannot relate or understand how humans can treat each other in such an uncivil manner.

Humanity 9: Huck feels bad for a complete stranger at the circus. People laugh and make fun of this man; Huck sees this as rude.

Humanity 10: Even though Huck needs money, he starts to feel bad about the Wilks girls having their money stolen from them by the King and the Duke. His conscience tells him that it just isn't right and they shouldn't be doing it. So, he decides that he is going to get it back for them.

Humanity 11: When Huck sees the King and the Duke tarred and feathered, even though he hates them and thinks they are awful people, he can't help but to feel bad for them. It makes him sick how people can be so cruel to one another.

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