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Huckleberry Finn Topic Tracking: Conformity

Conformity 1: When the widow and Miss Watson try to civilize Huck by teaching him about the Bible, clothing him, teaching him how to read and write, and telling him not to smoke, he goes along with it. Instead of putting up a fight, he conforms to what they want and expect.

Conformity 2: Huck continues to go to school, even though he doesn't want to. He has started to get used to the new ways, even though he may like the old ways better.

Conformity 3: When Huck is kidnapped by Pap, he takes him to a remote place in the woods. There, Huck can be his old self. Even though he is somewhat civilized now, he fits back into his former lifestyle easily. He adapts very well to new situations.

Conformity 4: Huck just met the Grangerfords, but fits right in immediately.

Conformity 5: The Duke tells Huck and Jim that he is really the Duke of Bridgewater, and he expects to be treated like a Duke. Huck immediately conforms to this idea, despite the fact that he doesn't know if they are telling the truth or not.

Conformity 6: The King tells Huck and Jim that he is the King of France, and expects to be treated like a King. Once again, Huck conforms, and treats him like a King, no questions asked.

Conformity 7: Huck knows that the King and the Duke are liars, and that they aren't really Kings and Dukes. Despite this, he continues to conform to their demands and act like their servant.

Conformity 8: When Huck finds out that Mr. and Mrs. Phelps think he is Tom Sawyer, he decides that he is really going to have to act like him. He has no problem doing this, and even likes it at times.

Conformity 9: Instead of standing up for himself against Tom, Huck conforms to all of his ideas about how they are to rescue Jim. He agrees with Tom instantly because he thinks Tom's ideas have a lot of style, even though his own ideas are much more realistic.

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