Chapter 9 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 9

Jim and Huck go exploring around the island. They find a cavern and bring some of their stuff in it so it doesn't get wet from the approaching rain. They eat a good dinner and rest in the cavern while it rains. It is a big storm, but it ends quickly.

The river rises and is full of debris. One night, Huck and Jim notice a two-story house floating by. They wait for daylight to explore it. They find a dead man in the house. Jim covers his face so Huck doesn't have to look at it. They find all sorts of things in the house, including whisky bottles, women's and men's clothing, a boy's old straw hat, a broken bottle, an old chest, a sun-bonnet, and masks. They steal knives, candles, old medicine, a bed-quilt, beeswax, buttons, fishhooks, and a wooden leg. They leave the house and paddle back to their side of the shore, the Illinois shore.

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