Chapter 7 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 7

Pap wakes up and wants to know what Huck is doing with his gun. Huck says that someone tried to come into the house and he grabbed it for protection.

Huck goes down to the river to see about a fish for breakfast; instead, he finds a canoe floating down the river along with a lot of other debris, including big pieces of wood. He grabs the canoe and hides it, so he can use it to escape later.

Pap goes to town to try and sell some of the wood they collected from the river. Huck uses this time to plan his escape. He loads up the canoe with food, ammunition, Pap's gun, matches, and a few other essentials. Then, Huck kills a pig.

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He bloodies up the house and axe with this pig to make it look as though a robber came into the house and killed Huck. Huck doesn't want anyone to chase after him once he sets sail down the river. He makes two false trails, one leading to the river, and the other leading to a lake. He eventually gets into the canoe, and starts down the river. He decides he'll go to Jackson's Island, where he can rest along the shore by day and go into town at night.

He falls asleep, and when he wakes up he hears noises on the river. It is Pap rowing back from town, after selling the wood. Huck ducks down in his canoe and floats by unnoticed by Pap. He makes it to Jackson's Island, pulls the canoe ashore, and rests before breakfast.

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