Chapter the Last Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter the Last

They free Jim and give him anything he wants to eat for being such a big help to the doctor. Tom gives him forty dollars for being such a good prisoner. He is so excited and says that he's rich; he knew he would be rich again one day because of his hairy arms. Tom suggests that they all go and play around in outfits among the Injuns. Huck says that he would like to but he doesn't have the money for an outfit. And he doesn't want to go home to get money because he thinks Pap probably stole it all already. Jim tells him that isn't possible and Pap isn't going to be coming around ever again. He tells Huck that the dead man he found covered up was Pap.

Huck says that he's glad he finished the book, because it has been so much trouble to write it. He goes off to play with Tom amongst the Injuns because Aunt Sally is going to adopt and civilize him and he's had enough of that.

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