Chapter 41 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 41

Huck gets the doctor, but the doctor doesn't think Huck's canoe is big enough for two people, so he takes it and goes to find a bigger one. Huck falls asleep and when he wakes up, it is the next day. He starts to run back to the raft, but runs into Uncle Silas, who questions him about where he and Tom (Sid) have been. Huck makes up a story about how he and Tom were out looking for the runaway slave and now Tom is at the post office trying to find out some information. They go to the post office, but Tom obviously isn't there. Uncle Silas gets a letter and they leave to go home. Uncle Silas says to let Tom come home on foot.

When they reach home, farmers and farmers' wives are all there for dinner. They all talk about the crazy things they found in the cabin, like the coat of arms, inscription, and ladder. They think Jim must have been crazy. Uncle Silas and Aunt Sally realize that Sid (Tom) still isn't home yet, so Uncle Silas goes up to town to look for him. He doesn't find him and tells Aunt Sally that he'll probably be back in the morning. Huck goes to bed and sneaks out a couple of times, with the intention of going down to the river to look for Tom. He never does because he feels guilt in putting his Aunt Sally through more pain. He sees her sitting at the window the whole night with the candle burning, waiting for Sid (Tom) to come home.

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