Chapter 40 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 40

Huck goes into the cellar to get some bread and butter for Jim, but Aunt Sally catches him. He quickly hides the food under his hat. She makes him go upstairs and wait with the group of farmers that have gathered to shoot the robbers who plan on stealing Jim. The butter starts to melt underneath Huck's hat because he is so nervous that the farmers will shoot him and Tom by accident. Meanwhile, Tom goes to see Jim in the cabin, dressed as Aunt Sally. Huck gets a hold of him and they hide in the dark as the farmers come into the shed. They all sneak out through the hole they dug leading into the shed next door. They all make it out of the shed door quietly, and are almost home free until Tom gets stuck on the fence. The farmers hear the noise, and start shooting. Tom, Huck and Jim all run into the woods with the farmers and dogs chasing after them. They make it to Huck's canoe and then to the raft.

They are all excited that the plan worked out, until Huck and Jim notice that Tom was shot in the calf. Tom tells them to ignore the shot and just shove off down the river, but Jim refuses and demands that he see a doctor. Huck decides to go and get the doctor himself.

"I knowed he was white inside, and I reckoned he'd say what he did say - so it was all right, now, and I told Tom I was agoing for a doctor." Chapter 40, pg. 301

Tom tells him to blindfold the doctor and pay him some money so he won't know where they're hid in the woods. He also tells Jim to hide when he sees Huck and the doctor coming.

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