Chapter 4 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 4

It is winter and about 3 or 4 months have passed. Huck has been going to school most of the time. He is getting used to his new ways: going to school and living a 'civilized' life. He still sometimes misses the old ways of sleeping in the woods.

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Huck sees tracks in the snow. It is a boot with a cross in it to keep off the devil. He goes to see Judge Thatcher. The judge tells Huck that $150 just came in for him, but Huck insists that the judge take that money plus the rest of the $6,000. The judge is confused, but Huck insists he take the money and not ask why.

Huck goes to see Jim, Miss Watson's slave. Jim has a magical hairball that was removed from the fourth stomach of an ox. Huck pays Jim an old quarter to make the ball talk and tell him what Pap is doing back in town. The footprints that Huck saw were Pap's. Jim says that the ball says that Huck will have trouble and joy in his life. He also says that Pap is around, but he isn't sure what he is going to do yet.

Huck goes up to his room, lights a candle, and sees Pap sitting in his room.

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