Chapter 38 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 38

Tom suggests that Jim have some other things, like a coat of arms and an inscription. Huck and Jim don't know what Tom is talking about, so they let him go along and do things his own way.

Tom tells Jim that in order to do thing right, like every other prisoner, he must have spiders. Jim refuses, so Tom suggests rattlesnakes. Jim refuses them too, so Tom says garter snakes. Jim isn't too happy with that idea, but it is better than the rattlesnakes. Tom says he can tie a button to the end of the snakes and let on that they're rattlesnakes. Then, Tom says that Jim must have rats, and Jim hates that idea. Tom says that Jim has to play music for the animals, but Jim only has a juice-harp. Tom says that it's good enough. Finally, he tells Jim that he has to raise a flower and water it with his tears. Jim agrees, even though he has spring water and thinks Tom's ideas are ridiculous. Jim gets annoyed with all of the things that Tom is having him do. Tom makes him feel bad, like he doesn't appreciate anything he is doing for him to make him like a real prisoner. Jim feels bad, and apologizes.

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