Chapter 37 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 37

Everyone is at dinner and Aunt Sally mentions that a spoon (for Jim to keep a journal with), Uncle Silas' shirt (for Jim to write on), some candlesticks (for Jim to see with), and a sheet (for the ladder) are missing from the house. Huck and Tom get nervous for a minute because they stole these things to give to Jim. Uncle Silas reaches in his pocket and finds the spoon (Huck and Tom had placed it there earlier). Aunt Sally gets angry because she thinks that he has been taking everything. He says that it must have been an accident, but she is still mad.

Tom wants Jim to have the spoon, so he takes another one and puts it in Aunt Sally's pocket. They spend some time in the woods baking Jim a pie that has the rope hidden in it. Finally, Jim receives everything Tom and Huck want him to have.

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