Chapter 35 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 35

Tom and Huck argue over how to rescue Jim. Tom wants to make everything look very difficult and complicated. He wants to saw off Jim's leg, dig a moat, and make a ladder out of sheets. Huck doesn't see the need for any of this, but goes along with Tom anyway. Tom insists that they have to do it this way because it is part of the regulations written in all of the books he has read. Huck agrees with him after a while.

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They talk over how they are going to dig Jim out. Huck suggests that they use the picks and tools that they already have available to them, but Tom doesn't go for that idea. He says that they will use case-knives. Then, he says that they will let on that it took them a couple of years, even though it will take them much less time than that.

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