Chapter 34 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 34

Tom and Huck talk about where Jim must be locked up. They think of ways to rescue him. Huck gives his plan, which is very simple and easy. Tom hates Huck's idea because it is too simple, and won't attract enough attention. He comes up with another plan and Huck agrees instantly because Tom's plan has a lot more style.

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Huck feels guilty that he has brought Tom into a dangerous situation (stealing back a slave), but Tom insists he wants to do it.

They walk around the little cabin where Jim is being kept. There is a window with just one board across it; Huck says he can take off the board and have Jim crawl out the window. This escape is too simple for Tom, though; he wants something more complicated and mysterious than that, something that takes a good long time. They see a shed next to the cabin and they break in. It doesn't connect to the cabin where Jim is being kept. They decide to dig a tunnel through to the cabin. This will take about a week, so Tom is satisfied.

Tom and Huck follow the slave who feeds the prisoner into the cabin. It is definitely Jim in the cabin and he is relieved to see Tom and Huck. They tell him that they are going to dig him out of there and to pretend as if he doesn't know them.

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