Chapter 33 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 33

Huck runs into Tom on the road and tells him everything. At first, Tom thinks Huck is a ghost - everyone thought Huck had died. Huck even tells Tom about Jim and how he is trying to steal him back. To Huck's surprise, Tom wants to help him.

"'I know what you'll say. You'll say it's dirty low-down business; but what if it is? - I'm low down; and I'm agoing to steal him, and I want you to keep mum and not let on. Will you?'" Chapter 33, pg. 248

Tom comes up with a quick plan. Huck should take Tom's luggage and then Tom will show up a little while later. Huck should pretend not to know him at first.

Huck makes it back to the house, and then Tom finally shows up. He says his name is William Thompson and that he is looking for the Nichols' house. They tell him he's at the wrong place, but that he must stay for dinner and then they'll drive him over afterwards. During dinner, Tom kisses Aunt Sally on the mouth and everyone is shocked. He goes on and on about how he thought she would like it. He eventually shocks everyone by revealing himself as Sid Sawyer, Tom Sawyer's brother. They are all happy to see him and they hug and kiss and talk.

Later that night, Tom and Huck want to find Jim's whereabouts. They hear Uncle Silas mention a runaway slave. He also mentions that his son isn't allowed to go to a show that is playing in town. Huck immediately knows that the King and the Duke are at it again. He and Tom go to bed early that night and sneak out of the window. They go into town to see what is going on with the show. As they're walking, a rush of people comes down the street with the King and the Duke tarred and feathered. Huck feels bad for them.

"Well, it made me sick to see it; and I was sorry for them poor pitiful rascals, it seemed like I couldn't ever feel any hardness against them any more in the world. It was a dreadful thing to see. Human beings can be awful cruel to one another." Chapter 33, pg. 253-4

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