Chapter 32 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 32

Huck makes it to the Phelps' farm. Everything is little and run down. He starts to walk near the house, but barking dogs come running towards him. A slave woman comes and yells at them to get away. The lady of the house, about forty-five or fifty years old, comes out and thinks that Huck is Tom. As it turns out, she is Tom's Aunt Sally and she has been waiting for Tom to arrive. She tells Huck that Uncle Silas just went down to the boat to come and get him. Just as she begins to ask Huck a whole bunch of questions about home, she sees her husband coming up the road. She wants to surprise him with Tom (who is really Huck), so she tells Huck to get behind the bed. He comes in and tells Aunt Sally that Tom still hasn't arrived yet and he thinks something may have happened to the boat. With that, she pulls Huck from behind the bed. When Uncle Silas asks who it is, she says it is Tom Sawyer. Huck is so thrilled it is Tom he must impersonate. Everyone rejoices and Huck tells them all about the Sawyers and how they've been doing. He also tells them that the boat he came in on blew a cylinder head, and that's why he is three days late.

Huck is doing well acting like Tom Sawyer, but when he hears a steamboat coming, he thinks that Tom could really be on it. He decides to go directly to the boat and tell Tom everything before trouble erupts. He says that he's going to get his luggage that he hid in town.

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