Chapter 29 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 29

An older man and a younger man, claiming to be the real brothers of Peter Wilks, get off the boat and make their way over to the King and the Duke and the crowd that has now gathered. The brothers describe the various misfortunes they encountered on the way and once they recover their lost luggage at the hotel, they can prove themselves to be the real brothers of Peter Wilks. The King insists they are frauds, but some people in the crowd start to wonder. One man comes forward and says that he saw the King and a young boy (he points to Huck) arrive in a canoe with the other boy (the one who told them all about the Wilkses). People get curious and they all decide to go to the hotel to try and see which of them are the frauds

The King and Huck are questioned. The doctor says that if they are really related to the late Peter Wilks, then they won't mind getting the money and giving it to the doctor for safe keeping until they all know the truth. The King tells him he would give him the money if he could but he doesn't have it; he says that the slaves stole it. Then, the lawyer Levi Bell asks to see samples of everyone's handwriting; from that, he can tell that the King and the Duke are frauds. The King says the test is unfair, so one of the "real brothers" asks the King if he knows what was tattooed on Peter's breast. The King says it was an arrow, but the man says it was "P-B-W." No one knows so the lawyer suggests digging him up and looking. If he doesn't have any of those marks, then they are going to lynch them all, including Huck.

They drag them all down to the graveyard, and Huck is scared for his life. They dig up the grave and everyone is in shock to find the bag of gold. The man that was holding onto Huck drops his wrist in surprise, and Huck runs for his life down the road. He passes the house and sees Mary Jane's light in the window. He finds a canoe and paddles to the raft. He tells Jim to hurry up and set the raft loose, but when Jim comes out, Huck is scared at the sight of him. He forgot that he was dressed as a blue Arab in a King Lear costume.

Just as Huck is overjoyed at being rid of the King and the Duke, he hears a noise. It is the King and the Duke paddling towards them.

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