Chapter 28 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 28

Huck goes down the ladder and he sees Mary Jane crying in her room over the slaves being separated. He feels so bad for her and decides to tell her the truth about everything. He tells her about the King and Duke being frauds and about how the slaves will be back in a day, so she doesn't have to worry. He makes her promise that she'll spend the night at Mr. Lothrop's because her face will give away the truth to everyone, and that will ruin the plan to catch the frauds. Huck says that he has a plan and that when Mary Jane comes back the next night, she should put a candle in her window. If Huck doesn't come around, then she will know that he made it away safe and she can tell everyone the truth. If he does come, it means that he couldn't get away. And if that happens, he makes her promise that she will stand by him when he tells everyone the truth. Huck instructs Mary Jane to show a piece of paper with the words "Royal Nonesuch-Bricksville" written on it, to the people of Bricksville. They will recognize the frauds and capture the King and Duke.

Huck tells Mary Jane that he tried to get the money back for her, but he ended up having to hide it. He doesn't want to tell her he put it in the coffin because it will make her feel bad about Peter, so he writes it down on a piece of paper and says she can read it on her way to Mr. Lothrop's. They say goodbye to each other and Mary Jane says she is going to pray for Huck. He cannot believe that she is going to pray for him; she is the nicest and prettiest girl he has ever seen.

Huck tells Susan and Joanna that Mary Jane had to leave to tend to a sick friend with Mumps. They don't want to tell their uncles because then they won't get to go to England, so they agree to keep it to themselves. Huck also tells them that Mary Jane stopped at the Apthorps' to see about buying their house at the auction. Later that afternoon, they have the auction and practically everything sells. Just as the auction is ending, a steamboat lands, and a crowd of people yell and holler about the King and the Duke.

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