Chapter 27 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 27

Huck goes downstairs and sees the coffin. He hears someone coming and quickly shoves the bag of money in the coffin and out of sight. Mary Jane approaches the coffin, crying softly. Huck makes his way back to bed, but feels bad about where he hid the money.

The next morning, people come to the house for the funeral. Huck goes into great detail describing the distinguished undertaker. The coffin is closed and Peter is buried. Huck doesn't know if the money is still in the coffin, and now feels he made the situation worse than before.

The King says he must be on his way soon because his church is probably missing him. He offers for the girls to come and live with him and they get very excited. Huck feels bad again that they are just being led on. The King sells some of the property and the slaves. The girls and the slaves cry at the thought of being separated. Even worse, the slave children are separated from their mother.

The King asks Huck if he's been in his room, and Huck says no. Huck lies and tells them that he saw the slaves go into the room, all of them at different times. The King and the Duke expected that to happen. The King is angry and blames Huck for not telling him that he saw people go into the room. Huck doesn't feel bad that he said it was the slaves because now that they're sold, blaming them won't cause any harm.

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