Chapter 26 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 26

Mary Jane gives the King and the Duke rooms to sleep in. The King gets to stay in her room (she will stay in her sister's room), the Duke gets another room, and Huck (the King's servant) gets a cubby. They all eat dinner and it is delicious. Huck and the one daughter Joanna (who has a hair-lip) talk in the kitchen. Huck gets flustered a couple of times, and has to get himself out of the screw-ups he tells. She makes him swear on a dictionary that he hasn't told her a bunch of lies. Mary Jane and Susan walk in and Mary Jane reprimands Joanna for telling Huck, a stranger in their house, that he just told lies. She says that it is rude to accuse someone and make them feel bad. She apologizes to Huck.

Huck starts to feel guilty that such sweet girls are having their money stolen by two liars.

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He thinks about what he can do to help them. Huck decides that he'll steal the money himself, hide it somewhere in the house, and then when he's off down the river, he'll write them a letter telling them everything, including where the money is hidden. He starts to look around for the money. He goes into the Duke's room, but thinks better of it. The King probably has it in his room. So, Huck goes in there, but he can't find it, and decides that the best thing is to eavesdrop on their conversation. He hears the King and the Duke coming and hides behind Mary Jane's frocks. The Duke suggests that they sneak out of there early in the morning with the money that they have. The King is against this idea because he wants the rest of the property money. The Duke finally gives in, but says that they should hide the money in a better place because the slave could come in and steal it. They reach for the money, which is very close to where Huck is standing, and move it to the straw tick under the feather bed. They leave the room and Huck takes the cash up to his cubby. He wants to hide the money somewhere outside of the house because when the King and the Duke find out it's missing, they will turn the house upside down looking for it. He waits until late at night when everything is settled, sneaks down the ladder and out of his cubby.

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