Chapter 25 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 25

They arrive at Peter Wilks' house and everyone greets them with open arms. The King and the Duke cry and sob and make like they're very upset over the loss of their brother. The King gives a speech thanking everyone for their kindness and invites a few of Peter's close friends to stay for dinner and help with the ashes. Some of the friends, Rev. Hobson, Dr. Robinson, and the lawyer Levi Bell, are out of town. The rest are present and ready to help.

Mary Jane gets the letter that explains how Peter's estate is to be divided up. The King reads it aloud. The house and $3000 goes to the girls. Harvey and William get the tanyard (Peter's successful business), houses, and land worth $7000, and $3000 in gold. The will also explains where the $6000 cash is hidden - in the cellar. The King and the Duke go down to the cellar and count the money. It comes up a little short, and they don't want the family to think they're greedy or that the money was stolen, so they make up the difference with some of the Nonesuch profits. Then, the Duke suggests that they go upstairs, count the money in front of everyone, and give it all to the girls. That's what they do and everyone kisses and hugs them and thinks of them as such wonderful people.

Suddenly, Dr. Robinson arrives and says that the King does an awful English accent, insisting he is a fraud. Everyone, including the girls, still believes the King. In fact, the neices believe in them so much that they give the money back to the King and Duke to invest for them. The doctor says that they will be sorry for not listening to his warning.

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